We believe that delicious, wholesome food is a human right

We believe that People are sacred and therefore committed to the critical work of nourishment 

We believe that Places are sacred and therefore committed to transformatively impacting the culture, economy and resilience of our place

We believe that food is our language of love and accountability, and therefore we honor the truths and legacies of people and places through responsible and responsive navigation of the Curry Blossom Ecosystem 

We believe in the inherent dignity of labor and therefore we are engaged in emerging economically just models of resourcing service, procuring food and supporting community nourishment 

We believe in responsibly impacting the local economies, and therefore committed to building, sustaining and transforming the Curry Blossom Ecosystem

We believe in procuring, sourcing and cooking with local produce as part of our culinary cultural work and commitment to investing in the health, wellness and healing of our community 

We believe in stewarding local food economies and therefore committed to making impact investments in food systems transformation in our city, state, and region 

We believe that ethical leadership and public health must be the drivers of transforming food systems and therefore we are committed to investing in capacity building of the generations of now and tomorrow, and of our collaborators and across the food systems network 

We believe in radical system change and therefore committed to stewardship of our natural resources and people 

Some of what we do

Refugee Support Center

100 quarts of khichdi (rice and lentil dish) from by Vimala’s Café was distributed among other efforts of the Refugee Support Center

We have delivered 1600 meals to hospitals across North Carolina

When we delivered to the Hillsborough Campus and Tracy met me at the loading dock to pick up meals. He told me he hates masks because he cant see the smile on people faces and he can’t smile back. Tracy is a hero. His attitude and servant heart made my day. I can’t wait til I get to see Tracy again- without a mask, so I can shake his hand, and say ‘Thank You.’ What the North Carolina Healthcare Association Feeding the Soul Campaign is doing is changing lives.

Residents of Northside in Chapel Hill received hot meals on Good Friday, thanks to a collaboration between Vimala’s Curryblossom Cafe’ and the Jackson Center

Red bliss potato gratin, soufflé sweet potatoes, broccoli casserole, Easter ham, and just-baked buttermilk biscuits were menu highlights. “The really amazing thing about this partnership is that it is aimed to support elders across the community and to support one of the most incredible local restaurants we have in Vimala’s,” says Hudson Vaughan, director of the Jackson Center, which purchases a certain number of meals each week (120 on Good Friday), made possible by generous donations to both Vimala’s and the Jackson Center.

Vimala cooks, everybody eats